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Analysts blast Trump running for presidency

NEW YORK (Web Desk) – Analysts affiliated with reputed organizations have blasted United States presidency candidate Donald Trump, reported Wednesday.

Dr Muhammad Akram, associated with Columbia University said that Frederick Trump, grandfather of Donald Trump was a Germany-born man who came to the United States in 1885 and started illegal and morally scarred businesses.

Fredrick among his aides ‘sold heroin and set up brothels in different cities’ which got them a lot of wealth, he said.

Dr Akram said that Trump’s grandfather earned millions within few years with his corrupt businesses. Potential candidate’s father did not disappoint Fredrick and only grew his ‘legacy’ further.

Donald Trump is now the owner of an empire that finds it base in corruption and morally crippled means, according to Dr Akram.

Tahir Mehmood Chaudhry, expert in international affairs said that Trump is a  treacherous individual and a squanderer . Trump who makes comments like ‘I’d have dated Ivanka for how beautiful she is if she wasn’t my daughter’, is running for presidency, Chaudhry slammed.

Indian analyst, Anand Sharma highlighted, rather dubiously, that it has been seen for the past decades that a candidate from either Republican or Democratic Party enjoys two terms in office.

Republican’s Bush senior occupied the office for two terms then Democratic Party’s Bill Clinton did the same and gave the office to one of the Republicans, George W Bush who remained in power for two terms before handing over the office to Obama, belonging to Democratic Party who is going to leave after two terms.

She pointed out the consistency in pattern of election between the two parties over the past years. A party enjoys two terms in power and then the other party wins or ‘is made to win’, she added.

Sharma was confident that it was Republicans’ ‘turn’ now, according to the patternhighlighted by her.


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