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Democratic Party may get rid of Clinton, nominate Biden: Writer

An American political analyst says that the Democratic Party may decide that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is too damaged to win and rig the nomination process to select Joe Biden or somebody else as the party’s presidential candidate, bypassing Bernie Sanders.

Stephen Lendman, a Chicago-based author and radio host, told Press TV on Tuesday that “Hillary Clinton is in very big trouble.”

“She certainly is the choice of Democrats. I call it Democrat instead of Democratic because there is nothing Democratic about the Democrat Party,” he added.

On Sunday, former US Senate Intelligence chair Dianne Feinstein said it seems all over for Democratic presidential candidate Sanders, and urged him to consider suspending his campaign in an effort to rally behind front-runner Clinton.

“He ought to be able to read the signposts as well as anybody else, and if he did that, he would know that it’s all but over,” Feinstein said. “I know the passion of a campaign. I know when you’re in it, and you just keep go, go, go until the last hour is there. Well, the last hour is close by.”

Clinton is maintaining a strong lead over Sanders in the Democratic presidential race, but the Vermont senator has vowed to stay in the race until the Democratic convention this summer.

However, she is facing a potential indictment as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigates her use of a private email server while she was US secretary of state.

Republicans have long speculated that the federal investigation into the email controversy could result in criminal charges against her, forcing US Vice President Joe Biden to seek the nomination.

US Vice President Joe Biden

“The issue is this:  Whether she is indicted or not, regardless of what party bosses want, if enough damning evidence comes out against her, and it becomes well-known in the public, she maybe become damaged goods more than already, and the party might have no choice but to jettison her, because keeping her would make her easy red meat for Trump, and he would easily defeat her,” Lendman said.

“So if [they] may actually get rid of her will that mean that Sanders would be the nominee? Not necessarily. In fact I doubt that very much,” he added.

“There’s another individual lurking in the wings. His name is Joe Biden, who happens to be the US vice president,” the analysts stated.

“There are also high-level party bosses. The convention could be a broken convention. The party bosses can decide who can be the nominee. If they decide that Hillary Clinton is too damaged to win and they decide to get rid of her, they would simply rig the proceedings to nominate Joe Biden or somebody else and bypass Sanders,” Lendman said in his concluding remarks.


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