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Sanders requests total voting review in Kentucky


Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders has requested a review of the votes in the US state of Kentucky, following a razor-thin margin against his rival, Hillary Clinton, in the state’s presidential primary on May 17.

“I hereby request a full and complete check and re-canvass of every one of the voting machines and absentee ballots from all precincts in all 120 counties involving the Democratic presidential race from the 2016 primary election,” Sanders said in a letter to Kentucky officials on Tuesday.

In Kentucky’s presidential primary last week, Clinton led by 1,923 votes, 46.8 percent, to Sanders standing at 46.3 percent. The Democratic front-runner won 28 delegates in comparison with Sanders’ 27.

The Vermont senator’s campaign said it had no specific reason to believe anything was miscounted, but he was just checking to be sure since the race was so close.

US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton addresses the crowd during a campaign rally at La Gala on May 16, 2016, in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

In response to Sander’s request, Kentucky’s Secretary of State Alison Grimes announced that the re-canvass will take place on Thursday at 9 am local time.

​Grimes noted that the purpose of the re-canvass is to verify the accuracy of the vote totals that came from each of the voting machines, not to recount individual ballots.

Under Kentucky state law, If Sanders were to gain votes during the re-canvass, he could ask for a full recount, which would include reexamining all ballots.

Even if Sanders picks up an additional delegate or delegates based on the re-canvass, he is still far from the total number of delegates needed to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

Clinton’s campaign announced this week she needed just 90 additional delegates to secure the nomination when the number of superdelegates is included in the total, while Sanders would need 850 delegates.

Sanders’ request came amid an infighting that has gripped the party with concerns it may escalate into severe enmity.

The infighting was highlighted recently at a convention in Nevada, where Sanders’ supporters protested to the process loudly, booing California Senator Barbara Boxer, with the event ending in favor of Clinton in terms of the number of delegates.

Recriminations that ensued the chaotic gathering, intensified leading to more discord among the two campaigns.

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