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Trump’s campaign no match for Clinton’s in terms of finance


US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s campaign is far smaller than that of the likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in terms of finance and infrastructure, a new report says.

The report published by Politico on Sunday showed that until the end of last month Trump’s campaign spending amounted to $57 million, less than a third of the former first lady’s $182 million bill.

With 70 employees, the New York businessman’s campaign was also dwarfed by Clinton’s in terms of the number of staff as 732 people were employed by the former Secretary of State, according to the report.

The real-estate mogul also paid some $101,000 in rent for offices last month, compared to Clinton’s $328,000.

The report noted that Trump had paid 75 percent of his nearly $60 million bill from his own money, while Clinton has been largely dependent on Super PACs and corporate donors.

The former reality TV star spent nearly $2.7 million on advertisements when he was struggling to put away Senator Ted Cruz of Texas last month, while Clinton spent a whopping $12 million against her rival for the Democratic nomination Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Trump’s relatively small spending, however, did not slow down his rise to the top of the GOP race, where he eliminated 16 rivals for the Republican presidential nomination thorough a chaotic primary process.

According to Politico, Trump’s spending at the end of April was only slightly higher than the $54 million spent by Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who bowed out of the race more than two months ago.

Cruz’s spending in the same period was significantly higher at $81 million. He dropped out of the race early in May, after losing Indiana primaries to Trump.

Surprisingly, the biggest spender of the cycle was Sanders who spent nearly $207 million before the end of April.

Trump overtakes Clinton

Meanwhile, the RealClearPolitics reported on Sunday that for the first time Trump had gotten past Clinton in an average of head-to-head national polls.

Trump was leading Clinton by 0.2 percentage points, defeating her 43.4 percent to 43.2 percent in the average.

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