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Sanders censures super delegate voting system


US Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has condemned the super delegate voting system in America.

Sanders, who was holding a campaign rally in Kentucky on Sunday, told hundreds of his supporters that the so-called super delegates or top party members picked whoever they wished regardless of a candidate’s performance in the primary elections.

The Vermont Senator criticized the super delegates, saying, “We’ve been taking these guys on from day one but over 400 super delegates decided and announced that they will vote for [Democratic frontrunner] Hillary Clinton before anybody else got into the race! Before the very first ballot was cast in the democratic primary in process.”

Sanders also acknowledged the uphill battle he will have in order to secure the Democratic nomination against his rival Clinton.

His campaign needs to win 65% of the remaining pledged delegates in each state to that end.

Pledged delegates in the US voting system are based on state primary results, while super-delegates can support any candidate. Yet, delegate results are not final until the convention in July.

Sanders who has frequently rejected the idea of dropping out of the race, often tells the thousands of supporters attending his rallies that he still has a narrow path to the presidential nomination.

The US senator, who is trailing Clinton in the overall contest for delegates, won the West Virginia primary Tuesday — one week after he defeated the former secretary of state in Indiana — keeping his slim hopes of winning the Democratic nomination alive.

Sanders now has 1,473 delegates and 40 super delegates while Clinton has 2,240 delegates and 524 super delegates. At least 2,383 delegates are needed to win Democratic nomination.

The next Democratic primary will be held in Kentucky on Tuesday, May 17.

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