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China complains to WTO about US failure to implement tariff ruling

China has filed a complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO), saying the US is failing to implement a WTO ruling against punitive tariffs by Washington on a variety of Chinese commodities, in yet another sign of escalating trade tensions between the two countries.

China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) said on Friday it had asked for talks with the US over anti-subsidy duties on Chinese goods, including solar panels, wind towers and steel pipe used in the oil industry.

“By disregarding the WTO rules and rulings, the United States has severely impaired the integrity of WTO rules and the interests of Chinese industries,” MOFCOM said in a statement.

Beijing brought the case before the WTO for the first time in 2012, criticizing US duties on 15 product categories that also included thermal paper, steel sinks and tow-behind lawn grooming equipment.

In December 2014, the WTO ruled in support of Chinese claims that the goods subject to duties had not benefited from subsidies from “public bodies” favoring particular producers.

According to WTO records, the deadline for the enforcement of the ruling expired on April 1.

A spokesman for the Office of the US Trade Representative said Washington had been “working diligently to comply with the recommendations” and to completely conform to its WTO obligations.

The US response to China’s request for consultations would come “in due course,” he added.

China’s complaint to the WTO came just days after the US filed a similar complaint against Beijing, charging it with unfairly continuing punitive duties on US exports of broiler chicken products in breach of WTO rules.


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