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China right to block US-backed NGOs: Analyst

China has done the right thing by passing a new law that gives the Chinese police wide-ranging powers over foreign NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, as most of them have closely worked with the West and the US in particular, says an American analyst.

New York-based author and political commentator, James Petras, made the comments on Friday when discussing US National Security Council spokesman Ned Price’s statements over the law.

Price said that the law “will further narrow space for civil society in China and constrain contact between individuals and organizations in the United States and China.”

The new measure, which was passed by the Chinese parliament on Thursday, also bans foreign NGOs from recruiting people or raising funds in China.

“It is a long standing policy of the US to finance organizations which call themselves non-governmental, but in fact, they are governmental because they take money from the US government,” Petras said.

“We have seen non-governmental organizations funded by the US engaged in subversion and organizing foreign parties in all over Latin America and the Middle East and Africa,” he added.

“So I think the Chinese government is correct in labeling these organizations as potentially subversive,” he said.

The newly-passed law was also criticized by the American Chamber of Commerce in China, which reacted to the legislation by saying it would have a detrimental impact on a “huge number of NGOs” as well as the companies they work with.

In another show of American discontent, US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed “deep concern” that the law would harm ties between America and China.

Other Western governments, who for months negotiated with Beijing to relax restrictions in drafts of the law, also said they were dissatisfied with China’s non-compliance.


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