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Clinton leads Trump by just 3 points in new poll

Leading US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton holds just a 3-point lead over Republican front-runner Donald Trump in a national head to head matchup, a new poll has shown.

According to the George Washington University Battleground Poll, released on Monday, Clinton has 46 percent compared to Trump’s 43 percent.

Other polls conducted in April, however, show the New York business tycoon considerably further behind the former secretary of state. In these polls, Clinton’s lead ranges from 7 to 11 points.

For example, in the RealClearPolitics survey, Clinton has a larger 8-point lead over Trump — 48.8 to 40.8 percent — while her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, has a 15.3-point lead over the billionaire — 53.3 to 38 percent.

In the GW poll, Sanders fares slightly better against Trump: the Vermont senator has a double-digit lead over the Republican front-runner.

“The Republican Party has a strongly favorable political environment for winning the White House,” said pollster Ed Goeas, president and CEO of The Tarrance Group.

“If a mainstream Republican candidate were the presumptive nominee, the GOP would likely be in a strong position for a lot of wins, top to bottom, in November.”

A majority of Americans have an unfavorable view of the presidential candidates, including Trump and Clinton, and believe none represent their opinions, the poll found.

Only Sanders and Ohio Governor John Kasich, a Republican candidate, have unfavorable ratings below 50 percent, at 44 and 29, respectively, according to the poll.

Bernie Sanders (right) and John Kasich
US Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz

Clinton, Trump, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican candidate, are mostly disliked by Americans. Clinton has an unfavorable rating of 56 percent, Ted Cruz of 55 percent and Trump of 65 percent.


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