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Torrential downpours claim lives in Texas

Officials in the US State of Texas say at least eight people have been killed and over a thousand homes damaged in days of torrential rains.

Torrential downpours in the Houston area this week triggered massive flooding, damaging at least 1,150 homes.

All the victims were found in or near vehicles that had been in flooded areas, local officials said.

The National Weather Service said more rain fell in the region on Wednesday, as water in parts of the country’s fourth largest city caused some roads to turn into lakes.

Reports say some nine trillion gallons of rain fell on Texas over the past three days, and there are forecasts for more rain.

The weather service issued a flood watch from central Texas through Houston and into large parts of Louisiana.

There have been more than 1,200 water rescues during the flooding, with emergency crews shuttling people by boat to dry ground and picking up hundreds of motorists whose cars were caught in rushing waters.


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