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New Yorkers hold demonstration against Trump

Hundreds of people have held a demonstration against Donald Trump in New York, where he and his two rivals for the presidential nomination gathered for campaign speeches.

On Thursday, the protesters gathered outside the Manhattan hotel in New York which was hosting the Republican front-runner and his rival candidates, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Ohio Governor John Kasich, as part of a campaign for the state’s primary contest due on Tuesday.

Holding up posters and placards, they compared Trump with German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and accused him of being racist and anti-refugee.

“No Trump, no racism, immigrants are welcome here!” demonstrators shouted. “New York is a no hate zone!”

US protesters gather in New York to protest against Donald Trump on April 14, 2014. (AFP photo)

Trump has drawn many protests for policy positions that include building a wall along the US border with Mexico, deporting 11 million illegal immigrants and banning Muslims temporarily from entering the US.

According to an Associated Press count, Trump has 743 bound delegates to 545 for Cruz.

Observers say that Trump may finish about 80 delegates short of the absolute majority, meaning that the Republican National Convention in July will start without a presumptive nominee.

In that case, campaigns will jockey for advantage and either change or uphold the rules that have governed the primary up until that point. There might be several ballots. Most delegates are pledged to their respective candidates for the first ballot. After that, they can vote for other candidates.


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