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Trump slams US political system as crooked

Donald Trump, the American property magnate vying for the Republican Party nomination in this year’s presidential election, has condemned the US political systems as “crooked.”

Speaking to supporters at a Rochester rally in the state of New York on Sunday, the Republican frontrunner pointed to the recent victories of Democratic contender Bernie Sanders in his own party primaries and said, “In all fairness, take a look at what’s happening to Bernie. He wins, he wins, he wins, he wins and I hear he doesn’t have a chance. This is a crooked system folks. I’m not a fan of Bernie, I couldn’t care less, as far as I’m concerned, I couldn’t care less about Bernie, but he wins and he wins, like me.”

Trump was making reference to the US election system where voters in the presidential contests may not realize they are not directly voting for a candidate. The election year starts with primaries and caucuses where people choose delegates or representatives of party members in each state to decide on a contender and send him/her to the national presidential nominating convention held in the summer.

If a party contender fails to collect enough delegates, he/she will lose all delegates in the end.

So far in 2016, Democratic Senator Sanders has gained some victories in a number of states, but his supporters say US media coverage of the Vermont politician has been quite low.

On Sunday, Trump also slammed his party rival Senator Ted Cruz who was awarded some delegates when another contender, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, recently dropped out of the race.

Trump said, “And then I see Cruz… he doesn’t talk about the fact that he got killed in Arizona by a landslide. We’ve got a corrupt system, it’s not right. We’re supposed to be a democracy. We’re supposed to be, we’re supposed to be you vote and the vote means something, alright, you vote and the vote means something and we’ve gotta do something about it.”

Opinion polls currently put Trump in the lead in his home state of New York with 54 percent of the vote, ahead of rival Republican presidential candidates John Kasich, expected at second place with 22 percent of the vote and Cruz, coming in third with 15 percent.


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