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Syria would be Daesh state without Russia: Serbia president

Serbia’s president says Syria would have fallen in the hands of Daesh terrorists if it were not for the Russian military campaign against the Takfiri militants in the Arab country.

“If it [Russia] didn’t intervene, Syria would be a country of” Daesh, Tomislav Nikolic told the Russian TAAS news agency on Tuesday.

Nikolic further said Russian anti-terror air raids were essential to contain Daesh advances in Syria; otherwise, the terrorism could spread globally and affect other countries, including Russia itself.

Moscow has been conducting airstrikes on Daesh positions at the request of the Syrian government since September 30, 2015.

The air campaign appears to have shifted the dynamics of the war in favor of the Syrian army, which has recently made major gains against militant groups after nearly five years of fighting.

The photo released on November 23, 2015 shows an explosion after airstrikes carried out by Russian air force against a Daesh position. ©AFP

This is while the US along with some of its allies has also been conducting airstrikes purportedly against Daesh extremists inside Syria since 2014. The air raids in Syria are an extension of the US-led aerial campaign against alleged Daesh positions in Iraq, which started in August last year. Many have criticized the ineffectiveness of the raids.

The coalition has repeatedly been accused of targeting and killing civilians. It has also been largely incapable of fulfilling its declared aim of destroying Daesh.

The years-long conflict in Syria has left somewhere between 270,000 to 470,000 Syrians dead and half of the country’s population displaced.


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