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Daily Archives: March 5, 2016

EU extends sanctions against North Korea

The Philippines says it has impounded a North Korean vessel after the EU ratchets up sanctions in line with the UN’s harshest measures adopted against Pyongyang.   In a statement, the European Union said 16 people and 12 companies were added to a list of some 60 individuals and groups who were hit with ...

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Daesh exploiting loopholes in Mideast banking system: Report

Daesh terrorists are still making good money by exploiting the loopholes in the Middle East’s foreign exchange system although illegal oil trade, once their main funding resource, has largely been scaled back. According to a recent report by a panel of experts to a subcommittee of the UK parliament, Daesh ...

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Saudi says UN doesn’t need to vote on Yemen humanitarian situation

Saudi Arabia dismisses Security Council plans for a resolution on Yemen as a UN official says the kingdom was behind the deaths of two-thirds of civilians in war-torn country last month.  “We don’t think that a resolution is needed at this time,” Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the UN Abdallah Y. al-Mouallimi said on Friday. Mouallimi said any ...

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Erdogan suggests ‘new city’ in Syria to house refugees

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has suggested building a ‘new city’ on the Syrian soil to provide shelter to millions of the Arab country’s nationals fleeing the violence in their homeland. In a late Friday speech, Erdogan said he had discussed with US President Barack Obama the idea of constructing a 4,500-square-kilometer ...

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Donald Trump reverses policy over torture of terror suspects

Leading US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has backtracked on the torture policies he had advocated during his campaign, including authorizing the military to kill family members of terror suspects. In a statement to The Wall Street Journal on Friday about his views on the brutal interrogation of terror suspects, ...

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Ben Carson officially ends campaign

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has officially ended his campaign for the 2016 election in the United States. “Even though I might be leaving the campaign trail, you know there’s a lot of people who love me. They just won’t vote for me,” Carson told the Conservative Political Action Conference ...

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