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John Oliver demolishes Trump by launching new campaign

An anti-Trump campaign launched by English comedian John Oliver has started taking momentum on social media.

Oliver demolished Donald Trump in his Sunday episode of Last Week Tonight by launching Make Donald Drumpf Again.

The celebrity TV host systematically detailed the attributes US voters seem to like about the billionaire real estate mogul, who is running for the 2016 presidential race in the United States.

Telling it ‘like it is’

Oliver described Trump as GOP’s “back mole” which was initially harmless but is now so “frighteningly bigger” that cannot be ignored.

He referred to Trump supporters’ misconception that he tells the truth “as it is,” going through some of his remarks proven false later.

The political commentator cited a fact checking website that had looked into 77 of Trump’s statements and “rated 76 percent of them as varying degrees of false.”

Oliver exemplified his own row with Trump and the false statements that had followed as a “first-hand” experience.


Self-funding campaign

It is true that the reality TV star is not taking “corporate” money, Oliver noted, but he has actually loaned his own campaign $17.5 million and personally contributed not more than $250,000.

“He can pay himself back for the loan with campaign funds,” Oliver said, adding, Trump has received $7.5 million from individual contribution.

“And if he didn’t want it maybe he shouldn’t have had two Donate buttons on his website.”

Tough guy

Oliver referred to Trump’s “sensitivity” about his short fingers to undermine his claims of being a “tough” candidate, which he has used against his rivals such as Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

His “signature tough tool,” however, is threatening others with lawsuits, Oliver said, listing several cases in which he said he would sue others but did not follow through.

“’I’ll sue you’ is Trump’s version of ‘Buzzinga.’ It doesn’t really mean anything but he says it all the time.”


Trump got a multi-million inheritance form his father, Fred Trump, and has lost a huge amount of money so far, Oliver said, showing a video in which Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, recounts a memory that shows how penniless her father had been at some point.

Trump’s net worth, which is claimed to be in excess of $10 billion, has been disputed with some suggesting it may be as low as $150,000.

Oliver attacked the Trump brand which the GOP candidate brags about, exemplifying things with his name on them that are “arguably ungood.”

His list included “Trump shuttle which no longer exists, Trump vodka which was discontinued, Trump magazine which folded, Trump World magazine which also folded, Trump University over which he is being sued, and of course, the travel booking site” as well as Trump Steaks.

Donald Trump and his father, Fred Trump, in 1987

In the realm of the real estate, Oliver noted that buildings “with Trump written on (them) are not necessarily owned by him. He may have just licensed his name to them.”

“He spent decades turning his name into a brand synonymous with success and quality and he’s made himself the mascot for that brand,” said the TV host. “But if he is actually going to be the Republican nominee it’s time to stop thinking of the mascot and start thinking of the man.”

“The very name Trump is the cornerstone of his brand. If only there were a way to uncouple that magical word from the man he really is! Well, guess what? There is! Because it turns out the name Trump was not always his family’s name… One biographer found that a prescient ancestor changed it from… Drumpf”

Making of Donald Drumpf Again

“And Drumpf is much less magical,” Oliver said, turning the old name into a series of practical steps to undermine the Republican candidate.

The British comedian called on Trump’s supporters to imagine him with the old name, introducing the hashtag#MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain and the, where hats with the new slogan are sold without any profit.

A Chrome extension, dubbed Drumpfinator, is also available on the website that changes all the “Trump”s into “Drumpf”s.

“We cannot keep getting blinded by the magic of his name. We need to see him through fresh eyes,” said the comedian.

Social media users took to the Internet to use the new slogan and hashtag as a means to criticize the controversial candidate.

“Mr. Drumpf! I await your lawsuit in the morning,” Oliver concluded.0fa3212a-70cd-484c-bd68-b0f86e272632

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