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US Republicans, Democrats need Israel lobby to get elected: Analyst

The United States provides Israel with “staggering” amount of military and economic assistance because politicians from both dominant political parties are tied to the Israel lobby and need its support to get elected, says an international lawyer.

“The amount of aid that Israel gets from the United States is extraordinary. It is possibly as much as $10 billion a year,” Edward Corrigan told Press TV on Wednesday.

“Officially, it’s $3.6 billion, but there’s much more than that, that comes from other channels,” he continued.

A high-level American delegation is expected to visit Israel next week to work out the final details of a new 10-year military aid package.

The delegation, composed of members of US National Security Council, will hold meetings with Israeli security and military staff, Israeli media reported Tuesday.

On top of the agenda is the technical details of an approximately $41 billion 10-year military package, the Haaretz newspaper reported, citing a source involved in the talks.

Washington is currently providing Tel Aviv with $3.1 billion in military assistance annually and the new deal would likely increase that amount to $4.1 billion. Israeli officials have urged Washington to increase the aid to $5 billion.

The current aid is separate from the nearly $500 million in annual US funding for Israel’s missile system programs in recent years. It is also on top of the US military equipment held in Israel, which is valued at $1.2 billion.


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