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GOP pushing Rand Paul out of presidential race: Analyst

Leaders of the US Republican Party are pushing Senator Rand Paul out of the 2016 presidential race after realizing that his rhetoric might disrupt their agenda, says an American political analyst.

Don DeBar made the comments in an interview with Press TV on Friday when asked about Paul’s remarks after he was excluded from the main event at the sixth GOP presidential debate on Thursday.

Paul said, “I may have been excluded from the debate tonight, but I won’t be silenced.” He noted that the party needs to allow “dissent” and a “diversity of opinion.”

“Tonight, I am banned from the debate even though I met the arbitrary and capricious polling standards,” he said. “My voice is unique in the party and should not be banished.”

DeBar said the GOP “tolerated some of the things that he said, which are at least rhetorically against the interests of the military-industrial complex.”

“They tolerated that because his ‘libertarian economics’ might be the only way to get someone who will protect the interests of corporations into the White House in some future political condition when there is an anti-establishment vote. He will be an official anti-establishment candidate,” the analyst explained.

DeBar also said that Paul is critical of US foreign policies which are “kind of falling apart right now.”

“His criticism could reverberate a lot wider than they had originally thought, when they were allowing him to speak at the microphone,” he noted.

DeBar said that Paul’s situation is very much like that of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who is racing against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

“Rand Paul I guess is now falling outside the spectrum of allowable discourse and so he is done,” the analyst concluded.


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