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More British children in poverty by 2030


A new study reveals that at least two million British children will be living in poverty by 2030 due to the government’s austerity measures.

The study conducted by the Fabian Society and Landman Economics also predicts greater inequality over the next 15 years in comparison with previous estimations.

“Cuts falling disproportionately on single parents mean the number of children living in poverty will rise from 2.5 million (19 percent) to 4.4 million (28 percent),” the report said.

The figures include about 800,000 children who are expected to live in “absolute poverty” – below the benchmark representing the necessary income to afford the basics of life.

Meanwhile, the overall number of people in poverty is expected to rise by 3.6 million over the next 30 years.

Experts warn that growing inequality would be caused by the government’s decision to cut taxes for high income households and slash security for low and middle income households.

“The ruling party remains reluctant to handling problems like this because it enjoys a considerable majority in the parliament and can pass any bill it proposes,” a London-based activist Clive Hambidge told Press TV.

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