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Iranian police form special division for children, young adults


Iranian police have formed a special division to address issues pertaining to juvenile delinquency, police official say.

Tehran Police Chief Brigadier General Hossein Sajedi Nia said on Monday that the special police for children and young adults was established based on a new law governing Iran’s criminal courts.

As of now, cases related to juvenile delinquency will be referred to the special division in the constabularies where trained officers will handle them.

Sajedi Nia said the officers in the juvenile police departments can better communicate with the delinquents, adding that they will also interact with related social institutions in an attempt to reduce the incidence of juvenile delinquency in the city of Tehran.

The establishment of the juvenile division in Tehran’s police would be the first in Iran with reports suggesting that some other large cities in the country also planning to follow suit.

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