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Blair facing MPs questions over Libya

British MPs are expected to grill former Prime Minister Tony Blair about his links to former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Blair will appear before the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee (FASC) on Friday to respond to questions about security collaborations with Gaddafi, including the alleged rendition of anti-government figures to Libya’s secret police.

The FASC committee is investigating Britain’s intervention in the Libyan civil war with a view to exploring future policy options.

FASC Chairman Crispin Blunt said the current Libya policy was inherited from Blair.

“He was the one who reset Libya; it was his signal achievement, he has claimed, to disarm Colonel Gaddafi of his weapons, his WMDs,” he added.

Blunt said Gaddafi was able to “buy himself out of the sanctions regime,” which had constrained him, and continue as “a supporter of terrorists.”

Blair’s relationship with the late Libyan dictator was highlighted in a recent biography of David Cameron, in which author Anthony Seldon asserts Blair telephoned Cameron during the Libyan war to explain he had been contacted by “a key individual close to Gaddafi.”


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