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Forced removal of Assad to create potentially unendurable chaos: Russia


Russia says the potential removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by force will create a new “black hole” in the Middle East that may simply not be survivable.

“If the next operation on the violent change of power in the Middle Eastern country is carried out, it will be disastrous not only for Syria, but will also become the most dangerous element in the destructive chain of events occurring in the region,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Tuesday, Russia’s Ria Novosti news agency reported.

“The region may simply not endure one more black hole,” she said.

In the event of such political development, the region might not just turn into a set of “lurid” states, but “explode” simultaneously as a whole, the official said.

Since March 2011, Syria has been beset by foreign-backed militancy, which has so far claimed the lives of over 250,000 people and displaced millions of others.

A Syrian man (background), who escaped an attack by militants on a medical facility, lays in bed at a hospital in the coastal city of Latakia, May 26, 2015. (Photo by AFP)


Diplomatic efforts have been going on to bring about a peaceful resolution of the crisis in Syria.

On October 30, diplomats and representatives from various countries, including Iran, as well as the United Nations and the European Union got together in the Austrian capital of Vienna for a meeting on the issue.

At the end of the talks, the participants agreed on respecting Syria’s national unity and sovereignty as well as eradicating the terrorist groups operating in the Arab country.

Certain Western and non-Western countries have insisted that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad not be part of any future government in Syria.

‘Exactly what Daesh wants’

Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, added that the potential power shift would be “exactly” what Daesh needs. The Takfiri terrorist group has overrun about a third of Syria and Iraq, and is tyrannizing the civilian population there.

“Another area of chaos suits it (Daesh) over the odds. Therefore, we say that the most important task is to save the Syrian power structure,” she said.

Russia has been carrying out a bombing campaign against terrorist positions in Syria since September 30 upon a request from the Syrian government.

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