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Obama has no clear strategy on table for Syria: Democratic senator

A US Democratic senator says President Barack Obama still does not have a clear strategy in Syria, more than one year after he ordered airstrikes in the country.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee member Tim Kaine said Wednesday the administration does not have a credible strategy on the table regarding Syrian President Bashar al-Assad or the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group.

The Virginia Democrat said Obama should take a robust military action in Syria. “I think ISIL is evil. I think the United States should be undertaking military action against ISIL.”

He, however, said a war in Syria should not be taken without a vote of Congress.

“Because if we allow this president, or any president, to wage a war for 16 months without needing the permission of Congress, we’re setting a horrible precedent,” he added.

Kaine called on Congress to debate and vote on a resolution to authorize or potentially restrict the war against Daesh.

The Obama administration escalated the campaign in Syria last Friday by announcing that it would be sending as many as 50 special operations forces to assist “moderate” militants in the country.

The US and its regional allies, including Turkey and Saudi Arabia, have been backing militants fighting the Syrian government.

US warplanes have been bombing purported Daesh positions in Iraq and Syria for over a year now.

Observers say while the US and its allies claim they are fighting against terrorist groups like ISIL, they in fact helped create and train those organizations to advance their policies in the Middle East.

Secretary of State John Kerry and diplomats from several European countries and regional powers, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, met in Vienna last week to find a political solution to the conflict that began over four and a half years ago.


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