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Jeb Bush a ‘political fraud’: Ex-Senate candidate


Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is a “political fraud” and he would be a worse president than his father and brother, says a former US Senate candidate.

“The reason Jeb Bush has plummeted in the polls in the Republican Party is clear; he is a political fraud,” said Mark Dankof, who is also a broadcaster and pastor in San Antonio, Texas.

“Jeb Bush is a political fraud, so was his father George Herbert Walker Bush and his brother George W. Bush,” he emphasized.

The latest Republican presidential rankings by The Hill show that Bush has slid from second place to fifth. The former Florida governor topped the rankings in July.

A new CBS/New York Times poll released Tuesday also shows Bush is favored by only seven percent of the Republican primary voters.

“The fact is that so many people are getting fed up, both inside the Republican Party and outside of it, with certain things that the Bush Empire has come to embody,” Dankof said on Thursday.

Foreign trade deficits, globalist trade treaties that hurt the American worker in favor of the corporate elite, massive national debts, and the ongoing wars in the Middle East on behalf of Israel and oil interests are the legacy of two Bush presidencies in the United States, he noted.

“If we go back to the first Bush’s invasion of Iraq in 1990, from that time on forward, we have seen the continuation of all of these things that have led the United States arguably now to the worst crisis in its political situation since the end of World War II,” the analyst said.

“All of that is what we have gotten from these people in the past and is what we’ll continue to get from them in the future,” he argued.

Dankof said that the “comatose American public” has finally realized that the name Bush is “synonymous” with policies that are detrimental to their individual interests and those of their nation.

“The first Bush presidency was poison, the second Bush presidency was poison, and a third Bush presidency would be absolutely lethal to the interests of the people of this country,” he concluded.

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