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Russia puts an end to US, Israel attacks on Syria: Analyst

Russia’s presence in Syria is going to put an end to the days Pentagon and Israel had a free hand in launching attacks in the war-torn country, says a former NSA contractor.

“The movement of Russian troops into Syria is certainly very very welcome change for Syria,” said Steven D Kelley on Monday.

“But obviously this is a big problem for Pentagon, the military industrial complex and obviously Israel,” said Kelley. “Certainly Israel is very concerned about what is going on and they will not be able to bomb Damascus freely anymore; Those days are over.”

Kelley made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV, when asked to comment on a statement made by US Secretary of State John Kerry about a need for coordinated efforts to uproot the Daesh (ISIL) Takfiri group in the Middle East.

“I think the critical thing is that all of the efforts need to be coordinated. This is not yet coordinated. I think we have concerns about how we are going to go forward,” Kerry said on Sunday.

Kelley, however, described the remarks as “insane because the United States should not be there.”

US President Barack Obama’s administration strategy in Syria has come under fire since last week, when Army Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, head of US Central Command, admitted the Pentagon’s failure in its program to train and arm Syrian militants to combat Daesh (ISIL) terrorists.

According to US officials, Russia recently moved fighter jets, artillery units, tanks and hundreds of troops to an airport in Syria’s western province of Latakia.

Washington says Moscow is seeking to establish a military outpost in Syria to help the government in its fight against ISIL terrorists. US officials also said the deployment raises the possibility of air combat missions in the Syrian airspace.

“Russia was certainly invited in there by the legitimate elected government (of President Bashat al-Assad) and all we (the US) have done, has created the very same terrorist that we are claiming to fight,” he added.

Kelley further said, “Putin has done a very good job, very subtly show that the game that Obama is playing the Middle East is a complete farce.”

“It is going to be only even more obvious to the rest of the world that the United States and out allies  are completely responsible for ISIS ( ISIL)  and that any efforts that we make to try to coordinate with Russia are completely comical at last,” he concluded.


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