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Most Republicans see Donald Trump winning White House: Poll

A growing number of Republican voters in the US believe wealthy businessman Donald Trump is the most likely GOP candidate to win the 2016 presidential election, as confidence wanes in traditional politicians, according to new survey.

The latest New York Times/CBS News poll released  on Tuesday found that 39 percent of Republican primary and caucus voters say Trump has the best chance of winning the White House next year among the crowded GOP field.

In a CBS survey in August, 26 percent viewed Trump as the Republican Party’s best shot at winning the presidency.

The poll indicates that the billionaire real estate mogul who has no history in the political establishment, appears to be gaining acceptance as a possible nominee.

Ben Carson, a retired African American neurosurgeon and another Republican with no history in politics, is also gaining considerable new support and is now running nearly even in the polls with Trump.

When asked which one of the candidates would you like to see the Republican Party nominate for president, 27 percent of respondents said Trump while 23 percent said Carson.

The primary voting season for party nominees begins in February and the general election will be held in November, 2016.

Recent polls show that a growing number of Americans are seeking presidential candidates from outside the political establishment, highlighting the degree of dissatisfaction toward the US government and politics.

The poll also found that among Democrats, dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton is growing and increasing the possibility that US Vice President Joseph Biden will enter the presidential race.

Nearly six in 10 Democrats said they wanted to see Biden join the race, as Clinton’s rating on honesty and trustworthiness continues to fall over her use of a personal email server during her time as US secretary of state.


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