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Biden says unsure if emotionally ready to run for president


US Vice President Joe Biden says he is unsure whether he is emotionally ready to launch a campaign for the 2016 presidential election.

In an interview with CBS News on Thursday that turned emotional, Biden said he was still in the process of deciding whether to enter the Democratic presidential field.

Biden — still grieving over the death of his eldest son this spring — said, “Nobody has a right in my view to seek that office unless they’re willing to give it 110% of who they are.”

“I feel like I was letting down Beau, letting down my parents, letting down my family if I didn’t just get up,” he said of his late son.

“And I am — as I said I’m optimistic, I’m positive about where we’re going — but I find myself — you understand it — sometimes it just overwhelms you,” he added.

The vice president is expected to make a decision whether to run for president in the coming weeks.

Biden, however, has said he does not know if he has the “emotional fuel” for a campaign to dislodge Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton from the top position in the race.

Clinton remains the front-runner for final Democratic nomination, but that might change in the near future as Senator Bernie Sanders has been rapidly gaining on her in several significant surveys.

On Wednesday, a Quinnipiac University poll showed that, with 41 percent, Sanders has become the new Democratic favorite in Iowa and Clinton is following him with 40 percent.

Sanders’ emphasis on income inequality and influence of corporate money on elections and government has helped him attract large crowds on the campaign trail.

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