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Denmark blocks rail links with Germany over refugees

Denmark has blocked all rail links with Germany to stop the flow of asylum seekers heading to other countries in the north including Sweden.

The rail links between the two countries have been shut down until further notice, according to Danish police.

Denmark’s Immigration Ministry said Copenhagen seeks to reduce the number of asylum seekers amid an influx of refugees in Europe.

It was reported by local media that trains carrying more than 200 refugees were being held in Rodby, a major port with ferry links to Germany.

Refugees were refusing to leave the trains because they did not want to be registered in Denmark, and instead they were using the country as a transit way to Sweden and other countries.

Sweden became a top destination for refugees after it promised to issue residency papers to all asylum seekers from Syria.

Denmark has had a tough anti-refugee policy ever since a new center-right government came into power there in June.

The government slashed benefits for new arrivals and restricted the right to residency for refugees.

Denmark launched a huge campaign to stop the entry of refugees in the country, placing advertisements in Arabic newspapers aimed at deterring potential migrants.

The United Nations estimates that 300,000 people have left the Middle East and Africa for Europe so far this year, but 2,500 have died in their attempt, most of them during dangerous voyages across the Mediterranean in rickety boats.


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