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‘Status quo of Arab and Islamic world is worrisome’

hasan nasrullah

The Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah Movement, Seyed Hassan Nasrollah, has noted that the situation in the Arab and Islamic World is worrisome.


According to IRIB World Service, Nasrollah, throughout his remarks on the eve of the 23rd day of the holy month of Ramadan, which were aired live by Al-Manar Network, noted that the individual whose land is occupied and/or who is threatened by the enemy should not remain silent.

He added that in order to fend off the enemy, action is needed, while prayers play a complementary role to taking action.

He pinpointed that the recent years have been the worst years for the Arab and Islamic world.

He added that if it wasn’t because of the prayers of the Lebanese nation and people of other countries, victory over the Zionist usurpers would have not been achieved in the 33-day Lebanon War.

Hezbollah Movement’s secretary general also underscored that Muslims should cooperate with each other in order to liberate Palestine and to foil the seditious plots of Takfiris.

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