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UN to study appalling state of human rights in US

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The UN Human Rights Council convenes a meeting on Monday, May 11, to study the appalling state of human rights in the US. In this meeting, issues of concern such as US police brutality and racism; and wide-scale espionage operations on the American people and citizens of other countries by the US intelligence agencies will be investigated. The dismal state of US prisons, practice of torture and issuance of death penalties in the US, large-scale espionage operations in and out of the US, and drone attacks in Washington’s so-called War on Terror, are the other talking points in this gathering. The Human Rights Council will also focus on serial killings of African-Americans in the US. Several African-Americans have been randomly killed by the US police, including the 18-year-old African-American, Michael Brown, in the city of Ferguson, and Freddie Grey in Baltimore.

The US claims to champion human rights, but is in fact the chief violator of human rights in the world. There are more than a million inmates in the US, and racial discrimination against African-Americans and Latinos is rampant in the US jails. The US also maintains a bleak record of conduct in waging wars and in exercise of torture against terror suspects in dreaded Guantanamo Bay prison, Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq, and the Bagram air base jail in Afghanistan. Moreover, the espionage operations of the US administration intelligence organizations against American people have led to protests of the supporters of privacy and human rights organizations. Furthermore, the US, under the pretext of the so-called War on Terror has committed horrendous and gruesome crimes in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq, mass murdering a significant number of innocent people in these two countries.

Given the US police racial profiling, one of the talking points in this meeting will be racial discrimination and killing death of African-Americans at the hands of US police force. Despite the mounting protests of African Americans and other Americans to inhuman conduct of the US police, we continue to witness the unjustified killing death of African-Americans by the US police officers, and the US administration is yet to take decisive action to end the US police racial profiling. In fact, racial discrimination in the US has turned into an ordinary matter. Although the instatement of the first US African-American president was expected to make a change in the trend of racial discrimination against blacks, one continues to observe surging racial discrimination against vulnerable African-Americans.

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