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1,400 Rohingya migrants rescued off Indonesian, Malaysian coasts

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Some 1,400 Rohingya Muslims have been rescued off the coasts of Indonesia and Malaysia on Monday, according to officials.


The four boats were rescued following another incident in which nearly 600 migrants were traveling in a wooden vessel, also off the coast of Aceh, in Indonesia, AFP reported.

The boats were headed to Thailand and are thought to have been abandoned due to its campaign to eradicate human trafficking on its territory – the country has stepped up efforts to crack down on slave labor, as the remains of dozens of Rohingya Muslims were discovered buried in mass graves in the south of Thailand.

About 1,000 of the migrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar were pulled out of the water in Malaysia after being dumped just off the coast of Langkawi, according to police. The number of such incidents is expected to grow in the near future.

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